Dance Moms Hairstyles!

This blog is dedicated to tutorials on how to do some of the hair that is worn on Dance Moms!
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Beachy Paige Waves

Im starting the Beachy Paige Hairstyle tutorial! Its overnight soooo

Anonymous asked:
"Can you do dance moms paige hairstyles! I love it when her hair is beachy and wavy in the interviews but I cant figure out how to do it."

Sure! Tutorial up tomorrow because its like an overnight hairstyle so yeah!

I learned how to do a hair wrap!

You know where the string is wrapped around a piece of hair.

Its not DM related but i will pot a tutorial this week on how to do one!!

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Anonymous asked:
"your a poop"


French Side Braid Tutorial!
*Not Ours*

This is something like “The Raven” but the braid in the beginning is a french braid going around, and the whole hairdo is tighter!!

**This video is not ours**

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